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Miercuri, 28 Noiembrie, 2018
Metal workers- Denmark (2250-2850€/netto/month) (Bucuresti) We are looking for different positions for our clients in Denmark with focus on metal industry. We have available positions for welders, pipefitters, CNC operators and locksmiths. Welders - Job description: - Welding of steel structures, pipes, mech...
Elevator installers –Sweden (2400€/month) (Bucuresti) We are currently looking for experienced elevator installers for our client in different locations in Sweden. Job description: - Install or repair elevator doors, cables, motors, and control systems - Connect electrical wiring to control panels and e...
Crane (Harbor) mechanic- Sweden (2400€/month) (Bucuresti) We are looking for candidates who have experiences as a crane mechanics for work in Sweden. Job description: - Maintenance duties for cranes an modified forklifts in harbor environment - Taking care of the maintenance of heavy machines used for loadi...

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